Richard Sheppard

Technology Development

Richard Sheppard is an engineer and field development manager in the offshore oil and gas industry. He has over 22 years’ experience of developing oil and gas production systems having worked on developments around the world including the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. He has an engineering masters degree from Cranfield University in the UK and his years in the energy business have supplied him with a keen interest to understand ways that industry can use our natural hydrocarbon resources sustainably.

“Regardless of where we source our energy from hydrocarbons are still and will continue to be the feedstock for many, if not the majority of our daily products in life”

Richard along with most others in the energy field is a realist that hydrocarbons will need to be used by industry in the fuel mix transition for decades to come, but that the world cannot wait decades to significantly reverse our emissions levels.

“That leaves only the option of using our hydrocarbons in a much cleaner way to the betterment of all and why not because we have the capability”