About CEOX

What is CEOX

We are a technology provider for emissions free industrial power.

CEOX provide technology for the generation of continuous industrial power with zero greenhouse gas emissions. Through the integration of CEOX technology into production processes we can add value, reduce point forward economic risk and meaningfully address climate change.

What we Offer

  • We can make an industrial plant power generation emissions free

  • We can enhance production efficiency through integration within a process

  • We can reduce economic exposure to the risks associated with more stringent environmental policies

  • We can align corporate, shareholder and environmental values

CEOX Technology

CEOX is industrial Power with Integrated Carbon Capture


CEOX – A smaller, lighter, cheaper, zero emissions alternative to traditional industrial power

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A Technical “Message in a Bottle”

SOS to the World

What we Value

  • We value the important role that the cleaner use of oil and gas has to play during the energy mix transition towards a low carbon emissions world.

  • We value the need for future industrial plant projects to be profitable and economically viable in an industrial world that must expand to meet the increase in demand whilst also decarbonising.

  • We value that total reliance on renewable energy sources is the ultimate target for the world but we realise as do most in the energy sector that the ‘heavy lifting’ generation of continuous power in the industrial sectors will have to come from hydrocarbons and increasingly Natural Gas for some decades to come, not least of which because hydrocarbons are the raw material feedstock for many products of today and also for tomorrow.

  • We value low carbon combustion technologies and carbon capture technologies because we accept along with other experts that to meet global climate targets over the next 50years and beyond that the world has to decarbonise much faster than current renewable energy sources will facilitate and this is in a world constantly demanding more power for industrial uses.

  • We value the environment and the view that there can be no corporate value adding anymore whilst polluting.

Our Team and Partners


Richard Sheppard

Technology Development


Sudhir Mayor

Commercial Strategy


Matthew Healey

Technical Director


Dr David Weeks

Independent Technical Authority

David Baker

Technical Business Development
Sabbir pic

Sabbir Mahmood

Head of Thermodynamics

Climate Change

Climate change can be mitigated and positively
influenced by perhaps just three main things:

The Three Drivers of Climate change mitigation

Governing policy is needed to steer human (corporate) behaviours and technology is needed to enable advances in policy. CEOX aims to value both industry and planet by enabling future policies to be met for economic gain without environmental loss.

People’s behaviour and most importantly our actions, whether they are in the boardroom or in private lives, is the key driver of the fate of our climate and of mankind’s future on earth. People making the right choices to reduce carbon emissions, whether as individuals or as corporations, is fundamental to global decarbonisation. The means to make these right choices easier is the job of policy.

“All over the world there is increasing investment in decarbonisation because it is an excellent business idea“  Francesco Starace, CEO Enel

People have not always been able to make the decisions in the boardroom that they may like to have made as an individual or as a family because of the necessity to deliver a return for shareholders on a quarterly basis. Big industries are one of the most significant contributors to increasing GHG emissions levels. It is governmental and international policy only that will give the leaders in industry the tools to realise that economic value and larger returns come from reducing their GHG emissions and not increasing them. Policy makers provide the means to make the right choice for increased value in the boardrooms also the right choice for climate change mitigation. Policy must be the enabler for human and corporate values to be aligned for the good of the planet. The IEA 450 Paris climate accord has set out a route to this end at the highest level of global governance.

The private sector has already decided that green is the right way – Barack Obama 2017

The technology must be available for governing policies to be met by industries otherwise businesses and economies cannot prosper, stifling the progress of civilisation. The technology limitations within industrial power generation combined with the need for more and more power has meant that leaders in industry have not always been able to make what are the right choices for their businesses align with what is right for the environment. The advancement in technologies for cleaner energy provision is moving now at an unprecedented rate and this is allowing governments and international forums to constantly push for more stringent emissions limits with bigger economic downsides for polluters. The technology is there and its adoption is necessary.

“Gas with carbon capture (CCS) has a place in the long-term energy mix” Statoil 2017


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